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Fashion industry: Do you still use spreadsheets as your business intelligence?

Posted in Clothing

Undertaking predictive analysis and getting a good understanding of what tendencies are important for the industry is paramount when running a fashion business. If you’re like everyone else, chances are that you rely on spreadsheets for business analysis. You store precious information, confident that the formulas you’ve saved will remain unchanged. It’s very popular in […]

Running a Salon Business? Here’s What to Consider First

Posted in Beauty

If you are passionate about beauty and personal care, then a beauty salon is the right business for you. Beauty services are on the rise of the world, with people worldwide starting to pay more and more attention to their looks – whether the use the latest trends to inspire, or they follow social media […]

How to personalise your wedding dress for your special day

Posted in Clothing

Do you want to be as unique as possible on your wedding day? Then ditch the idea of wearing a store-bought dress and start looking for ways to personalise it for the big day. Even though it might be more complicated than you planned, wearing a personalised wedding dress will surely impress anyone who’s present […]

How substance abuse affects your beauty

Posted in Beauty

Drug and alcohol abuse have a dramatic effect on your beauty. Your skin and appearance are highly affected by drug and alcohol consumption. The majority of women do not pay attention to how the health of their skin is affected by substances. They consider that these substances have effects only on their body. If you […]

Men’s clothing articles that women can successfully wear

Posted in Clothing

  There comes a time in every woman’s life (daily) when they realize that they don’t have anything to wear. This is an extreme claim, of course, given the fact that at any given hour, they have multiple dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and coats that can be successfully worn. However, we need some credit and […]

These Are The Most Exclusive Luxury Brands In The World

Posted in Beauty

  Fashion is one concept that people can perceive in various ways, but one thing is for sure: luxury and exclusivism will never fade away. In a world that’s mostly governed by the existence of money, buying the most expensive, privileged products is a method of emphasizing your social status. The items people wear, the […]

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