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10 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Written by Julianne Rodney. Posted in Clothing

As a beginner in the art of sewing, you to have patience with polishing your skills as practice makes perfect. Thus, if you want to be able to create complicated projects, you first have to master smaller and easier ones in order to get the hang of sewing. Regardless of the method you use, whether it be sewing by hand or using a quality sewing machine, you have to start out small with easy and quick projects. In the following, we will show you 10 easy and quick sewing solutions for beginners that you can confidently take up and successfully complete.

#1 – Bookmark

To make your own bookmark, you need scraps of fabric and a small piece of elastic. Cut out two pieces of fabric that measure 3 inches in width and 12 inches in length. Also, cut 8 inches of elastic. Sew the fabric with the right sides together and proceed to sew up the two long sides. Turn the material on the other side, press it flat, and fold the ends in, pressing them to become flat. Insert the elastic at one of the ends and sew it in place, doing the same procedure for the other end.

#2 – Sunglasses Case

For this project you need scraps of two coordinated fabrics and scraps of fusible fleece. Cut four 7.5-inch by 4.5-inch rectangles out of the fabric, two from each type of fabric that you have selected. Fuse the fleece to the outer side of the fabric and cut ½-inch off of the length for it to be shorter than the interior fabric. Pair the rectangles together according to their patterns with the right sides together, and sew around the outer edges, leaving a short end open. Turn the inner rectangle right side out and stuff it down into the outer fabric, matching up the top edges. Sew around the top edge while leaving an opening to turn it. Now, turn it completely right side out, stuff the inner piece into the outer, allowing for a small edge to show at the top. Press it flat and stitch all the way around the top.

#3 – Baby Blanket

For the baby blanket sewing project, you need 1 and a half yards of coordinating Minky dot material, 1 and a half yards of lightweight cotton material, a fabric marking pen or pencil, large safety pins, and color coordinating thread. Cut out a 45-inch in length by 45-inch in width square out of the cotton fabric. Round the corners of the square using the edge of a plate and the marking pen or pencil. Cut a square of the same size from the Minky dot material and round the corners of the fabric just as you did previously for the cotton. Lay the two squares out with their right sides together, lining up all of the edges. Use the safety pins to secure the layers together, and place straight pins about every 6 inches around the edge of the blanket, leaving the head of the pins to hand off the edge in order to remove them easily when sewing. Leave a 10-inch wide hole open as you will need to turn the blanket right side out at one point. Use a ½-inch seam allowance to sew around the edges and snip the fabric around the curved corners so that it may lay flat when you’ll turn it. Remove the safety pins, turn the blanket right side out, pin the edges of the hole you left open, and pin the entire perimeter of the blanket as well. Finally, top stitch the blanket with the help of a ½-inch seam allowance, top stitching around it while making sure that the holes are secured.

#4 – Pillowcase

Let’s move on to a project that you’ll surely like, doing fun and colorful pillowcases. First, you need to pick two fabrics that you find to be interesting, wash, dry, and iron them. Fold the fabrics in half, and cut a folded rectangle that measures 20.5 inches by 26 inches – for the pillowcase piece, and another folded rectangle that measures 20.5 inches by 11 inches – for the border piece. Fold the border piece rectangle lengthwise and iron it, obtaining a long strip that measures 41 inches by 5.5 inches. Match up the raw edges to the right side of the pillowcase piece, pinning them together. Now, simply sew the border piece to the pillowcase. Serge off the seams or leave them raw in case you don’t have a serger. Iron the seam, and add a top stitch approximately 1/8-inch above the edge of the seam. With the help of the right sides of the fabric that you have put together, match up the sides and bottom of the pillowcase, pinning them together. Sew the side of the pillowcase all the way down, serge off the seam, turn the pillowcase inside out, and iron the seams flat.

#5 – Russian Doll Cushion

Russian doll cushions are perfect decorative items for any home. To make them yourself, you need a Russian doll template, toy stuffing, pins, thread, a red heart button, pins, a sewing machine, iron-on adhesive, and iron, and fabric assortment. Cut two body shapes using the proper size from the template and set one aside. Draw the other shapes remaining on the template onto the paper side of the iron-on adhesive, cutting out outside the line. Afterward, iron them onto the fabrics and cut them out carefully. Arrange the fabric pieces on the body shape, pressing them into place. Use the red heart button for the lips. Place the body back to back with the other body shape, and pin. Stitch 1 centimeter from the edge and turn the doll right sides out. Press the fabric, add the stuffing, and close the seam by hand. Finally, add the black dots for eyes with the help of glue.

#6 – Drawstring Bag

To create drawstring bags, you need two fat quarters of contrasting fabric, iron-on motifs, a cord, thread, a sewing machine, an iron, and scissors. Cut a fat quarter in half, and leave the other quarter whole. Make a long panel by joining the fabrics together and leave the patterned fabric in the middle, pressing the seam flat. Now, hem the edges to form a channel through which you are going to thread the cord later on. Pin bag the right sides together, hem along the sides, and stop before you reach the channels that you have created. Turn it right side out and press. Apply the iron-on motifs and letters, and cut the cord in two, threading it through the channels in opposite direction, and finalizing with making a knot.

#7 – Gathered Skirt

To make a gathered skirt, you need 3 meters of medium-weight fabric, 1 meter of 20mm elastic tape, fabric scissors, pins, a sewing machine, thread, and measuring tape. Measure your waist and write down the number, add 1 cm to the measure to know what length the elastic should have, and cut the elastic tape according to the measurement. Overlap the ends of the elastic by 1 centimeter, and sew in place using a stitch. Prepare the waistband by adding 10cm to the waist measure in order to figure out the length of this piece. Cut a rectangle that is the waistband length across, and that measures 5.5 centimeters tall. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, and sew using a seam allowance, pressing the seam open. Place the elastic band around the waistband fabric, positioning it 1.5cm from the bottom edge of the fabric. Fold the waistband to cover the elastic, matching the raw edges and pinning them in place. Next, just sew the waistband closed using a 1.5cm allowance and a stitch. Moving on to the skirt, you must decide its length and add 3 centimeters to figure out its height. Cut a 2.5-meter long rectangle that has the height resulted previously. Fold in half lengthwise and sew the sides together using a seam allowance. Mark the corners of the waistband for the top and bottom edge of the skirt. Place the waistband over the skirt and pin it in place. Sew around the skirt with a zigzag stitch, attach the waistband, and turn the skirt for the wrong side to face out. Fold the bottom of the skirt over, press it, fold it again, press it, and sew around the top of the fold using a straight stitch.

#8 – Infinity Scarf

For the infinity scarf, you need a sewing machine, thread, and a 2 yard by 22-inch piece of fabric of your choice. Fold the fabric with the right sides together, matching the long edges. Sew the long edge in order to form a long tube, turn the resulting tube halfway, line the raw edges at the top end of the tube, sew around the circle end, and leave a small opening to be able to reach inside at the end when you need to turn the scarf. Next, turn the scarf with the right sides out through the hole, fold the raw edges in, pin them together, and sew a straight stitch all across the hole.

#9 – Hand Warmers

For this sewing project, you need a fat quarter of fabric, scissors, a sewing machine, thread, rice, and long pins. Cut 2-3/4-inch squares from the fabric, two per hand warmer. Place them wrong sides together, stitch them around the outside, leave a small opening, and backstitch at the beginning and end. Fill it ¾ of the way up with rice, use a long pin to block the ice from falling out, and sew closed. At the end, use a pair of pinking shears to trim the edges.

#10 – Decorative Fabric Birds

For the birds, you need small pieces of printed fabric, polyester toy filling, white card, a bird template, black cotton, ribbon, hand needles, and two black beads. Use the templates to trace and cut the body, the tummy insert, and the wing onto a sheet of white card. Cut two squares, place the right sides together, place the bird shape on the wrong side of the fabric, and draw around it. Do the same for the tummy and the wing. Sew around the bird shape, trim the seam, and turn it right way out. Pin the tummy insert in place on one side of the opening, and sew while leaving a small gap for the stuffing. Stuff it with polyester toy filling and sew the gap. Sew around the wing shape and attach the wings with a few stitches. Sew the black beads in place for the eyes, and thread 10 inches of twine through the top of the bird’s head, and tie the twine in a knot, tying another one at the top to hang the bird.

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