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3 ingenious ways to wear a T-shirt

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The humble T-shirt is no longer an overpriced entry point to an aspirational brand. According to retailers and distributors there is a big resurgence of interest. Graphic tees are omnipresent and you are most likely to find them in any major store. Due to the fact that they don’t require specialist manufacturing, they have become virtually affordable. For instance, anyone can get custom t-shirts Ottawa at very low prices and show allegiance to something real. After all, anything is fashionable as long as you exude the right confidence. Contrary to popular opinion, style comes from the inside. However, a tee paired with a casual pair of jeans is not enough to step up the game. Following are some suggestions to wear your tee in an intriguing way.

Wear the tee like a blouse

Wearing he tee like a louse is the only way to put a fresh spin on the most classic wardrobe item. Thanks to a combination of shorts, tights and a cropped jacket no one will even know that you are wearing a super basic T-shirt. Or you can go for the “all white” trend and pair the tee with crisp white jeans. The tee can also be used in order to dress an outfit. A tee makes your outfit look perfectly hip. Just put on some leather leggings, a blazer and of course high heels.

Ironic or artsy?

The truth is that the vast majority of tees involve imagery and slogans that can be considered inappropriate. In order to create a chic look, women in particular should avoid those that are either of bad taste or slightly aggressive. To obtain an edgy look without you can try painting-like tees combined with a pair of cool shoes. T-shirts with artwork are entertaining, but you should not be worn at school or at work.

Graphic tee + skirt

Of course you can wear a graphic tee together with a dress for your date night. All you have to do I pair the tee with a full length skirt or one rich in fabric. To complement this look try some high heels and maybe a statement necklace. Another possibility is to combine the graphic tee with a black skirt for an elegant look. You can transform this look without effort from a day to evening. Finally, consider a floor length ball skirt that works very well with a graphic tee, not to mention that it is incredibly modern.

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