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3 must have streetwear brands for men

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Streetwear is in vogue nowadays, even if it is plain and simple. Taking into account that hipsters and skateboarding are as commercial as ever, it does not come as a surprise that the fashion range is moving towards a look which can be defined as unique. The fact is that big brands have noticed this emerging trend and you should know that a trip to the local mall is not enough to find cool clothes. If you are interested in fly threads, you should visit https://www.thelvrg.com/. For the streetwear initiate, we have the top three urban streetwear brands for men. This will get a better idea of the unique brands that are out there.


HUF is a true skating brand started a couple of years ago by Keith Hufnagel, the legendary skateborder. He tried to assimilate into one label what he felt embodied skateboarding, sneaker fashion and streetwear. The brand initially started as a skate shop and it catered to the needs of local skaters in San Francisco. Similar to most skate shops, it only produced t-shirts, sweats and accessories. At present, the label is stocked at retailers all over the world and it is one of the leading names in the industry. HUF seizes the classic American-vintage look together with the modern detail and the signature designs. Not only do these pieces offer respectable quality, but they reflect sophistication whilst incorporating the nonchalance that is typically associated with skateboarders and artists.


Staple Pigeon originally started as a small t-shirt line which was designed by Jeffstaple. The Staple Clothing brand grew organically and gained considerable visibility in NYC. In the process of building the brand, Jeffstaple was asked by Nike to build a commemorative sneaker to represent New York. Upon its release, the clothing brand enjoyed great popularity and made the sneaker culture popular in the entire world.  Basically, Staple is the story of a true entrepreneur and his legacy. The globally distributed street culture lifestyle brand houses three divisions: a creative consulting firm, a retail space and a fashion line for men. You can recognize the brand by its bold branding, but, most important, by the contemporary prints and bird logos.

10 Deep

From the moment it was launched by Scott Sasso in 1995, 10 Deep was regarded as a trendsetter for street style shirts, hats, pants and accessories. 10 Deep draws inspiration from various streetwear cultures like graffiti, skate, punk, and hip hop. 10 Deep is virtually a flawless brand that offers a flashy look and designs that will surely get a head turning. The button ups are similar to nothing you have seen, not to mention the hoodies and flannels. The point is that the quality of their clothing is unmatched and everything looks great with everything.

In conclusion, there are other apparel companies that should have been listed and they could have been listed if the list was of the top 10 clothing brands. Here they are: Vigilant, Diamond Supply, Alife and Reebok. You should add them to your list as well.

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