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Weight Obsession Among Teen Girls – What Action You Must Take as a Parent

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For women, the pursuit of physical perfection starts in adolescence and continues through their entire life. This is why it is very important for you as their parents, to teach them to make smart decisions in order to obtain the expected results. It is a really big success if your teenage girl understands that physical characteristics do not totally define them as persons. But they have to be careful with their weight for health reasons.

The Infrared Sauna Skin Therapy – Natural Anti-Aging

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One of the many health claims linked to the infrared sauna is the fact that it has anti-aging capabilities. But is this important claim actually backed up and proven by science? Read this article to find out whether the infrared sauna skin therapy can actually help you look younger and better than ever, all without requiring you to go through other treatments or endangering you.

When Sunglasses and Popular Music Collide

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How popular are sunglasses to American culture? Popular enough that they often show up in the lyrics of some of our favorite songs. In fact, there have been entire songs written around the idea of wearing them. In the more than 80 years since the first pair of aviator sunglasses made it to the retail […]

Salon Beauty Routines that All Women Should Try

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There is nothing more relaxing and more pleasurable for a woman, than a day spend at the beauty salon. It is true that this experience can be quite expensive, and many of them can be done at home. Still there are some beauty routines that are worth every cent and that should only be performed at the salon.

How to get ready for a girls night in a limo

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  Sometimes, you need to take a break from your responsibilities and get out with your friends. If you feel that your life became too boring, it means that you have to organize a new party. You need to do something new this time because you deserve to feel fantastic and forget about your problems. […]

Women wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them

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Well, let’s face it, wardrobe malfunctions are the worst thing a woman can face, when going to a date or even at work. You might have seen that many celebrities experience wardrobe malfunctions, so you are aware than this can happen also to you. Every woman can suffer from a style slip-up that will make […]

Beauty treatments for eyelash growth – How to choose them?

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Glamorous magazines taught us there is nothing more stylish than a pair of lull, long eyelashes. And we are talking about natural ones, not fake lashes. Because, no matter how masterfully manufactured, there is still something unnatural about them. Therefore, women are constantly trying new treatments and products for making their lashes grow to perfection. […]

Brazilian Case Highlights Benefits of Natural Skincare

Posted in Beauty

At the Salt Lake City headquarters of CRUDE, decision-makers are always looking at ways to develop new natural formulas for their line of personal care products. CRUDE was established with an underlying philosophy that taking good care of the skin, and the body in general, means getting back to nature. Company officials believe that nature […]

The road to a beautiful skin – get rid of the scars

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If scars affect your skin, then you know that they are the main subject of the conversations you have with the people you know, because they are interested in finding out how you got them, and why you had not treated them. You might even feel embarrassed sometimes because people somehow introduce this subject into […]

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