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Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Written by admin. Posted in Clothing

For Halloween, everyone wants to be in the spotlight and wear the most amazing and glamorous Halloween costume. Celebrities carefully choose their Halloween outfit, in order to have the most incredible look. It is very likely that the most popular Halloween costumes 2015 appearances will be inspired by celebrity looks. In order to satisfy your curiosity, here is a short list with the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

Heidi Klum in a dead body costume

This is by far one of the best celebrity Halloween costume. It is an original choice and it looks absolutely scary. Well done Heidi!

Demi Lovato in a zombie costume

Without any doubt, Demi Lovato had a horrifying zombie Halloween costume. Definitely, the make up does everything. Her cut from her neck looks absolutely real. Certainly, she had a good make-up artist.

Pink in a clown costume

Pink has always been a sweet and cheerful person and she couldn’t have made a better choice than this colorful and funny clown costume. It goes perfectly with her personality. It is funny, different and sweet at the same time.

Iggy Azalea disguised in Cruella de Vil

If we think at Cruella de Vil from 101 dalmatians, than that’s a scary character, but Iggy Azalea is not, even if she is disguised in that evil character. She looks actually very sweet and kind. Maybe next time she will choose to wear a Halloween costume that doesn’t only look good, but goes with her personality as well.

Jessica Simpson in a mummy Halloween costume

We could say that her choice was a good one. She doesn’t look very scary, but anyway, we don’t think that she even intended to look like that. However, her hair looks absolutely gorgeous.

Michelle Trachtenberg disguised as blue girl

This is without any doubt, one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes. We are wondering, how long it took her to have hair skin painted like that? However, this Halloween costume is absolutely amazing.

Kim Kardashian in Poison Ivy costume

This Halloween costume goes absolutely perfect with Kim Kardashian’s personality and taste, in terms of outfit. This costume looks without any doubt, incredible on her. The hair and the green mask are probably the most glamorous pieces of the entire outfit.

Heidi Klum dressed as Cleopatra

We all know that Cleopatra has been a beautiful woman, so at least from this point of view Heidi Klum has chosen the perfect Halloween outfit for her. Certainly, it is a precious costume and Heidi Klum won’t go unnoticed wearing it.

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