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Brazilian Case Highlights Benefits of Natural Skincare

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At the Salt Lake City headquarters of CRUDE, decision-makers are always looking at ways to develop new natural formulas for their line of personal care products. CRUDE was established with an underlying philosophy that taking good care of the skin, and the body in general, means getting back to nature. Company officials believe that nature holds a vast sea of resources to promote human health without the need for synthetic materials or chemicals. A recent case from Brazil shows the soundness of this thinking.

Waitress Maria Ines, a 36-year-old living and working in Northeast Brazil, suffered catastrophic burns on her body earlier this year when a gas canister exploded at her place of employment. Ines says she was in agonizing pain following the accident, and desperate for anything that would ease her suffering. So when doctors suggested using tilapia skin as a wound dressing instead of relying solely on anti-burn ointments, she jumped at the chance.

Doctors took the skin of the tropical fish and put it through a process to remove toxins, scales, muscle tissue and odor. They then addressed the woman’s wounds for 11 days. Now just two months after the treatment, Ines is nearly back to normal. The revolutionary treatment is sure to be used in Brazil for future burn cases.

Mimicking Human Skin

Doctors say their revolutionary burn treatment works by mimicking human skin so as to promote natural healing. Surgeon Edmar Maciel said that the tilapia skin contains quite a bit of collagen, which is vital to the production of healthy human skin tissue. The skin is optimal for burn treatments because it also soothes the victim’s skin and binds wounds.

To be clear, Brazilian doctors are not skinning fish and immediately applying the skin to burn victims. The tilapia skin has to go through quite a bit of processing before being stretched, laminated and stored. Fortunately, the processed skin can be stored for up to two years without losing its effectiveness as a burn treatment. Medical facilities in Brazil can now keep a ready supply of the skins in storage at a relatively low cost.

The biggest concern with the treatment is the possibility of infection. But if the harvested skins are processed correctly, rigorous cleansing makes the risk of infection rather small. Properly prepared tilapia skins are very safe for this procedure.

The Healing Powers of Nature

What the world has seen in Brazil is somewhat surprising to the extent that treating severe burns with fish skin is not something anyone has tried before. But it is not surprising in the sense that nature holds tremendous healing power for all who inhabit it. That is one of the underlying philosophies of the CRUDE business model.

Modern medical science tends to look at synthetics and chemicals as the first solution for healing. Things haven’t always been that way, though. Before the advent of modern medicine, humanity was embracing healing exclusively through natural means. For centuries, certain cultures have relied on natural products to do the same kinds of things the West approaches with chemicals. It’s all very strange.

At any rate, the good people at CRUDE understand the healing power of nature for everything from rejuvenating skin suffering the effects of aging to healing people with severe skin injuries and wounds. They know that if we just embrace nature and her incredible healing power as normal and beneficial, the way we approach the medicine would be altered dramatically. CRUDE is doing its part by developing 100% natural personal care products that help achieve healthy skin while doing no harm.

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