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Fashion advice on how to dress for a winter wedding

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  Some people want to get married in the summer, while others prefer getting hitched in the winter. These people can’t help it. They want a romantic setting and for them there’s nothing more special than having a blanket of snow as a setting. Did you just receive an invitation in the mail? If yes, […]

The 5W’s of hiring wedding suits

Posted in Clothing

  One of the most difficult parts when it comes to a wedding is related to clothes. What are you going to wear? If you are a woman, things can be easier, due to the fact that they usually have plenty of options from where to choose. But if you are a man, you only […]

How to choose the right Abaya size and model

Posted in Clothing

  It is very important to look good all the time because you will feel more confident and happy. If you are a Muslim woman, you must be very careful in order to choose the right clothes because you have to feel comfortable and pretty at the same time. For some women, buying a new […]

Groove To The Beat Of Your Heart With The Sretsis Series

Posted in Clothing

What better way to combine a love of music, art and fashion together than with the Sretsis online series? Express the rhythm of your inner soul and reveal your sensitive side to the world through these pieces in the collection today. Here’s what you can try: Magic Rhythm Bomber Jacket Individualistic and straight to the […]

Three fun hair accessories for this summer

Posted in Clothing

What girl doesn’t like to look pretty? It is a known fact that any woman, before walking out the door, will check herself out in the mirror and change her outfit several times. Since looks are important, no woman will forget about the lovely hair accessories that bring a bit of fun to your outfit […]

3 must have streetwear brands for men

Posted in Clothing

Streetwear is in vogue nowadays, even if it is plain and simple. Taking into account that hipsters and skateboarding are as commercial as ever, it does not come as a surprise that the fashion range is moving towards a look which can be defined as unique. The fact is that big brands have noticed this […]

Three office outfit ideas worth trying

Posted in Clothing

Fashion is a great domain, always surprising clients through its design choices or colours. Skilful and talented designers are coming up with outfits that seem taken out of movies. Passionate women follow trends no matter how complicated or strange these might seem, whereas other try to consider tips and put them in practice in their […]

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