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Cool Ideas for Flower Tattoo Placement

Written by admin. Posted in Tattoo

Many people these days have a tattoo or are considering getting one. Regardless of type and size, tattoo designs have become regular accessories among men and women looking for new ways of self-expression. Standing out as girls’ primary choice of design for their ability to compliment the feminine form and boost one’s sex appeal and charm, flower tattoos make no exception from the rule.

The possibilities behind flower tattoos are immense – from the romanticism of roses to the exoticism of hibiscus flower tattoos, from the smaller-sized, discrete designs to the ones that spread out on larger areas on the body, from the minimalist to the very complex tattoos, the options are virtually endless. There a lot of tattoo galleries online like only-tattoos.com where you can find thousands of designs.

When it comes to choosing the right flower tattoo, a very important aspect to consider is its placement on the skin. This decision is partly dictated by the type and size of the design, but it mostly depends on your personal intentions and preferences. Proper placement of the flower tattoo emphasizes the effect you are trying to achieve. For instance, should you opt for a flower design to evidence your extroverted, open and adventurous side, then a more visible placement on the body would be preferable. Conversely, consider tattooing a flower in a less visible area of the skin to suggest shyness or secrecy, or to achieve a distinctive aura of mystery. Don’t hesitate to juggle with the placement until you are satisfied with the overall effect.

Popular flower tattoo placement ideas include the ankles and thighs, the belly button area, the shoulder or the lower back. While smaller designs may be more appropriate for the sides of the legs, ankles or wrists, larger ones may fit in a lot better on the shoulders or back. For the very complex, intricate flower tattoo patterns, you can break all rules and cover as much skin as you wish to. For example, you can opt for a highly detailed Hawaiian flower tattoo that stretches from the shoulder region all the way down to the waistline. Instead of limiting yourself to one tattoo, you might even consider having two or more interweaved designs for a more visually striking effect.

Whether you choose to go for subtle or more extravagant flower tattoo designs, remember to take the time and carefully analyze your options before putting your ideas into practice. Play with the many different patterns, shapes, styles, colors available out there and adapt them to match your own vision, find the best placement for the design and only then make that final step and have it tattooed onto your skin.

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