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Effective Treatments for Skin Imperfections

Written by Alina. Posted in Beauty

The skin is very important and you should take good care of it. But what if you suffer from skin imperfections that are beyond your caring? In this case, you can call for the help of effective treatments that can solve your skin problems and offer you a perfect and bright skin.

Home skin tag remover options

Skin tags are small skin growths that may appear on thick areas of skin, in skin folds, on the eyelids, armpits or on your back. These growths are not dangerous, do not hurt and removing them implies no risk nor it encourages other skin tags to appear. Here are some of the most effective treatments against skin tags.

Skinprov Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Despite the fact it’s a cosmetic product, you can see from the skinprov advanced reviews that this product is 100% natural and doesn’t hide any side effects like scars or rashes, although you will feel a slight stinging at first. You simply apply the cream to your mole or skin tag and they will disappear in a few weeks.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known as an efficient home skin tag remover due to its astringent properties. For maximum efficiency, rub the skin tag with apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for several weeks until the skin tag will fall off.

Aloe Vera

This miraculous plant is used in many cosmetic and medical treatments and it also shows results in removing skin tags. You can use aloe leaves or aloe juice on the skin tag to make it disappear.


Although it sounds a little painful, rubbing alcohol on your skin tag is not as bad as you think because there are no nerves in the skin tag so it should not hurt too much. Carefully clip off the tip of the skin tag and pour alcohol onto the area to force the tag to dry and fall off.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very efficient in removing skin tags and the treatment will last a few days until the skin tag falls off. Soak a cotton pad in tea tree oil and rub the skin tag with it and if the oil is too intense you can mix it with olive oil or coconut oil to avoid irritations.

Skin lightening methods

Many people suffer from dark spots on the skin due to overexposure to the sun, medical conditions, pollution, stress, poor lifestyle or use of chemical cosmetic products. To help the skin regain its brightness and health, there are some efficient skin lightening tips that are safe and easy to try on.


Lemons and oranges have acidic properties that work as a natural bleach for the skin and the content of vitamin C helps new skin cells to grow. Also, the antioxidants will offer you a healthy and shiny complexion if you use fruit juice as a face cleanser.


Yogurt consists of many nutrients that are good for the skin and of lactic acid that has bleaching properties, making yogurt an excellent skin lightening product. By rubbing yogurt onto your skin, you will allow the ingredients to on work on the skin and remove the dark spots.

Skin lightening cream

The most common way of removing spots from the skin is to use skin lightening creams that are cosmetically designed to brighten the skin and offer it shine and uniformity. Cosmetic manufacturers like Olay, Shiseido, Clarins or Clean and Clear offer creams that can reduce the hyperpigmentation on your skin, leaving it smooth, shiny and without any scars.

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