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Fashionable ways of wearing a ribbon in your hair

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Wearing a ribbon in your hair like a grownup might be hard to accomplish sometimes. You must find the perfect balance, because otherwise you might end up looking like a ten-year-old girl. But, with a little care, you might be able to accomplish that great, classy look you look for. First, you must order some products from ribbons wholesale. However, if you want to accomplish that grown up ribbon hairstyle, continue reading below.

1. Simple bow hairstyle

Or the Catherine Deneuve hairstyle. You must start by curling your hair into large, soft curls. You can use hot rollers for this step. Mess the curls a little for a more grown up appearance, and by using a pink piece of ribbon create a bow. Then, secure it at the top of your head by using a bobby pin and there you have it! The hairstyle of a young Catherine Deneuve. This hairstyle is classy and feminine, everything you need for a workday or a night out.

2. Ribbon braided hairstyle

Although it might look complicated, it only takes five minutes and it’s easy to accomplish. Take a long piece of ribbon and lay it across your head, just where your ears are. Then, divide your hair into two large sections and create two braids. Then secure those at the top of your head and you have an intriguing, yet simple hairstyle.

3. The Chanel ribbon hairstyle

This is the easiest hairstyle you could wish for, and it creates such a grownup look. Classy and simple. Create soft curls using a couple of hot rollers, mess the hair a bit, and add a touch of hairspray. Then by using a large piece of black ribbon create a bow at the top of your head.

4. Low ponytail with a twist

 If you love those low, sleek ponytails, you must know there are prettier ways of prepping them up. Go classy by tying a low ponytail as you would usually do, then by using a ribbon in a colour at your desire, create a large, beautiful bow over your hair band. This is all you have to do. It only takes a couple of seconds and you will have a grown up, feminine hairstyle, just like magic!

These are a couple of ideas of how you can use ribbons to create unique, classy and feminine hairstyles. Try them all and see what tickles your fancy.

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