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Groove To The Beat Of Your Heart With The Sretsis Series

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What better way to combine a love of music, art and fashion together than with the Sretsis online series? Express the rhythm of your inner soul and reveal your sensitive side to the world through these pieces in the collection today. Here’s what you can try:

Magic Rhythm Bomber Jacket

Individualistic and straight to the point, the Magic Rhythm bomber jacket by Sretsis requires the effect of music notes on parchment paper.  With music notes laced in the front and back against a white sheer jacket fabric, this jacket is comfortable and suitable for any occasion when worn over a shirt or turtleneck. Straightforward, fun, whimsical and beautiful, it is definitely an expressive piece you need in your wardrobe.

Magic Melody Skirt

Sing to the tune of your heart with the Magic Melody Skirt. Created with a unique ruffle trim composed of music notes, an interesting lined texture and shape, the Magic Melody Skirt enhances the wearer’s feminity with a graceful flourish. Perfect for all occasions, it can be paired up with the Bomber jacket or Stardust jacket for a delightful evening look. Sashay out in this skirt and feel ethereal with it’s trim and lightweight texture today!

Make My Heart Sing

If you are a fan of the Magic Melody Skirt, you will adore the Make My Heart Sing dress! Available in white or pastel rainbow, the Make My Heart Sing Dress is a delightful cheerful dress created with texture, colour and fun trimmings. Creating a striking silhouette with a cinched waist and flared skirt, the Make My Heart Sing Dress is delicate and femininely sweet. The woven dress is created with ruffled layers that are trimmed with music note lacing for maximum whimsical playfulness.

Electric Roxy Pin

Vibrant Pink and attached to pink tassel, the Electric Roxy Pin is the perfect accompanying piece to anyone looking to make a statement and express themselves in individualistic ways. The Electric Roxy Pin can double up as a waist belt even by making use of the connecting tassel but can be worn as a single pin as well. Backed with a gold pin section, the front of the Electric Roxy Pin is fashioned in the form of an electric guitar. Pink with a glittery sheen and Sretsis’ trademark on the guitar body, the Electric Roxy pin is a cute accessory that can complete any outfit. In addition to the ensemble, the Electric Roxy Pin also comes with a ‘guitar pick’ in the form of a diamond encrusted star.

Madonna Ring

The Madonna ring is a glamorous ring created to reflect it’s inspiration with a mischievous, sensual and cheeky vibe. Created to resemble a pair of red shimmery lips, the Madonna ring is plated with gold and adjustable according to finger sizes for a comfortable fit. Suitable with pairing together with any outfits, the Madonna ring is recommended for users who enjoy playful and whimsical collections from Sretsis.
Groove to your soul’s own beat with the Sretsis series collections here. To learn more of what Sretsis has to order and purchase them locally, you can do so through the official Lularock website here.


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