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Hair Loss Shampoo

Written by admin. Posted in Hairstyles

Hair loss is a common problem both in men and women. Today many women have almost the same risk as men. The good news is that there are new treatment options that can make a major difference. But the first step is always diagnosing the cause of hair loss by a specialist (a dermatologist is a good starting point). A lot of women blame hair loss on hair products but this is not always the case. Therefore, before you start giving up on your favorite hair color ideas for long hair, it is best if you go to a specialist.  Once the cause is determined, there are a variety of medications and treatments that can help – some designed especially for men or women. We advise you to consider these treatments and try them before stressing your hair again with summer hair color ideas. Keep in mind that your hair is particularly sensitive in the summer due to the intense sun. Hair treatments include also hair loss shampoos, but alone they are effective. Here are some of the best hair loss shampoos that can be used by both men and women.

  • A good hair loss shampoo that be used by both women and men is Revivogen Biocleansing shampoo. This shampoo contains ingredients that act on the thin hair effectively cleaning the hair and the scalp. Regular use of this hair loss shampoo decreases hair loss while showering and brushing, being efficient for both type 1 and 2 hair loss.
  • Another hair loss shampoo for both men and women is Nioxin System 3. Nioxin is well-known for its hair products, offering a wide range of hair loss treatments. The ingredients that Nioxin contain act efficiently on the fine and thin hair by cleaning the skin of the scalp and removing buildup. Nioxin System 3 comes with a shampoo cleanser, a scalp treatment and a scalp therapy conditioner.
  • Dermenodex Scalp Cleasing shampoo is also a hair loss shampoo for both men and women, recommended for all hair types. The ingredients that this shampoo contains clean the skin of the scalp and improve follicle growth. Regular use of this shampoo will make your hair healthier and stronger.
  • Phyto PhytoCyane Revitaling shampoo is a hair loss shampoo especially designed for women. This shampoo contains natural ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, vitamin B6, grape seed extract which decreases hair loss and makes the hair thicker.
  • Another good hair loss shampoo is HairGenesis Revitalizing, Cleansing and Thickening Shampoo. This shampoo contains natural ingredients and vitamins that clean the scalp and remove buildup on the hair follicles.  It nourishes the hair because it contains Omega 6’s and is beneficial for hair loss.

Finally, these are some of the top hair loss shampoos, but before trying this always go to a doctor. A doctor can tell you the cause of your hair loss problem and can advice you about the treatment. With the right treatment, hair loss can be prevented and even treated. If you take good care of your hair, you will be able to grow it as long as you want and try on endless summer hair color ideas without risking to lose your hair. We hope that out suggestions will help you get rid of your problems so that you can go back to experimenting with hair color ideas for long hair or with funky hairstyles for short hair.

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