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Hairstyle trends for 2017

Written by admin. Posted in Beauty

Just like in fashion, hairstyling is also preparing for the changes coming this year. True fashionistas need to always stay prepared, which is the new hairstyle 2017 trends are most likely a topic of interest for them. Wondering what is heading your way? Looking to make a change but have no idea what to do with your hair? Here come the trends, which will most certainly answer all your question and give you a clue or two about what kind of accessories you should invest in. So, here they are three perfectly valid trends.

The ponytail is heading your way

There are certain things in fashion that never grow old. The same rule is valid in hairstyling, as in beauty. Just to give you a heads up you might want to think about is making your very own floristry ribbons UK collection, because you are going to need it! The ponytail is back in business and you will want to synchronise it with your outfit. So start by investing in a few full colour ribbons and one or two bows with a cute pattern. As for the ponytail, you know how this should be: elegant, simple and maybe not too styled. Take it from the experts, natural is always better.

Get that boyish look

There is a saying in the hairstyling world. One you decide to cut your hair you will want it shorter and shorter. A boyish look is exactly the touch that would make any girl seem more feminine. Indeed, it is a bit strange, but it is how it is. Short hair looks absolutely amazing on women, especially when it is combined with high heels and a dress. So, go ahead. Look through a few pictures and decide what kind of hairdo works for you. Just try not to go too short from your first try.

As straight as you can

A few years back, women had just discovered one of their new passions, the perfectly straight hair. Then, out of nowhere, curves hit strong and wouldn’t you know it, everyone forgot about the ultra straight. Well, 2017 is revenge time. As strange as one might think, straight hair is back in business and it is planning to stay for a while, at least until the curves return.

As for accessories, apart from ribbons and maybe one or two truly interesting velvet headbands, so far 2017 seems to be peaceful. However, the year is just beginning. Who knows what surprises are just around the corner?

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