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How to Make Makeup Palettes

Written by admin. Posted in MakeUp

Not many people know how to make makeup palettes because they are not easy to make. There are so many shades of blushes and eye shadows that you can sometimes get confused. It is very useful to learn how to make your own makeup palettes because you can include in it only the colors that you like.

  • Take an empty DVD case and clean it
  • Pick the colors that you like and color coordinate them
  • Take a metal container from your eye shadow or blush and place you lipstick in it
  • Remove the eye shadow or blush from its original cases by using a toothpick. Make sure that you do not crumble them because they are very fragile
  • Make sure that all you things fit in the container. If they don´t then you should pick a bigger container.
  • Glue a couple of magnets of the bottom of the container so that they stay where you put them

Now you know how to make makeup palettes on your own and as you can see it is not hard at all you just need to choose the colors that you want and place them in containers. In order to be prepared for all possible scenarios, you should also attach a nail kit to your makeup palette so that you can fix your cool nail designs if something were to damage them. This way, you will find a way to look flawless at all times. After all, modern women know that true beauty is not about genetics but about attention to details. So no matter where you are going or what you are doing, make sure that your makeup is perfect and so are your cool nail designs.

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