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How to personalise your wedding dress for your special day

Written by admin. Posted in Clothing

Do you want to be as unique as possible on your wedding day? Then ditch the idea of wearing a store-bought dress and start looking for ways to personalise it for the big day. Even though it might be more complicated than you planned, wearing a personalised wedding dress will surely impress anyone who’s present to the event. If you have no idea how to do it, gather some inspiration from the list below:

Embellishments of all sorts

This is the first thing you should try in case you already saw a dress that’s almost exactly the way you want it. Buy that dress and start adding to it for a personalized experience. Luxurious embellishments such as personalised wedding ribbon, lace of all sorts or feathers can transform your whole wedding dress. Going 180-degrees and flipping the dress’ design the way you want it to will make you feel even more special when you wear it, so don’t be afraid to expose your preferences and work with the details that you like most.

Wear a cape

Have you ever saw a bride wearing a cape? If not, you should definitely look it up. Capes are game-changers when it comes to wedding dresses. The one celebrity that made a truly studding appearance is Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, who showed up in the most beautiful wedding attire – a simple, white wedding dress accompanies by a beautiful cape. A caped gown will definitely help you make an entrance, and the pictures will turn out great. Plus, you will feel like wonder woman while walking down the aisle.  Give capes a try and you won’t regret the choice you have made.

Make it detachable

You know how long wedding parties are? You will need to move around in that long, heavy dress all day, but you can’t do anything about it because wedding dresses are supposed to be that way, right? Well, find out that’s not true. You can simply create a unique dress and enjoy the comfort of a short one by selecting a detachable skirt. You can wear the skirt during the wedding ceremony and when you want to feel elegant, but when your legs are tired and you want to feel more comfortable instead, you can detach the skirt and transform your dress entirely. There’s nothing more convenient than that.

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