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Introducing sportswear to the world of fashion

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Fashion is great, fashion is diverse, fashion is for everyone. These are some of the things you hear from designers. Although few are the people who actually take a real interest in what designers have to say as opposed to what their collections display on the market, it seems that these words have had a great impact upon the world. Otherwise, you might be having difficulties understanding the diversity of styles found in the so called street fashion. Even though you might be tempted to say that you dress in an original manner, the reality is that each individual is more or less influenced by trends, by the perspectives on fashion designers have. The best example in this regard is the introduction of sportswear on catwalks. Who would have thought that a t-shirt purchased from a dedicated NBA online store, for instance, could be matched with a tutu dress? It just so happens that designers thought of this idea. In fact, they did more than that. They actually promoted the blend between sport and fashion by means of their clothing lines and collections.

Some people considered this perspective to be brilliant, others could not believe their eyes and could not hide their disapproval. For one reason or another, a great number of individuals thought of adapting what they saw on the catwalk and incorporated in street fashion. It is rather hard to believe that you have not yet seen the following outfit when walking on the streets of your city. For the sake of fashion and trends, some women appear dressed in a basketball jersey, an office skirt and of course, stylish high heels. This is one very popular outfit on the streets of New York, for instance, or London. Even though you might not agree with the association between these two worlds, one thing is certain: fashion should always be daring. Designers have gone so far as to create couture collections that imitate in a way or another famous sportswear. For example, there are occasion dresses that follow the lines of a large NBA t-shirt, bearing the logo of a well-known team. If you need further proof that sport and fashion have now become one, then definitely consider shoes.


Most likely, you are familiar with various high heels shoe models that resemble sports shoes. Some go up the leg, even bearing a detail similar to the knee-pads several athletes wear to make sure that they won’t be injured during the game. This is certainly a trend that does not fit just anyone. Some fashion lovers do not particularly encourage collections of this kind, while others cannot get enough of such outfit. The truth is in the middle, perhaps in the saying that fashion should be for everyone. If you are fond of the association between sportswear and fashion, then by all means locate trusted stores and purchase t-shirts and jerseys that could be later on mixed with other clothing pieces. See how the designers do it and try it yourself! It might just turn out to be spectacular outfit!

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