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Makeup artists vs. your friend who does makeup

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You have an important event coming up, you want to look your best and are ready to try out some popular makeup looks that are trending right now. Why bother going to a salon or hiring a makeup artist when you can talk to your friend who’s into makeup and have yours done for free? Well, if you want really good results, you’ll need more than someone who’s subscribed to hundreds of beauty channels on YouTube and mastered the art of smoky eyes. Granted, someone who hasn’t been to makeup classes Ottawa can offer you decent results, if decent is the result you want to get. However, if you want your makeup to look stunning and beautiful, not just decent, and you want to avoid makeup fails, you’re safer in the hands of a professional.


Pre-makeup care and skin analysis

A make-up session doesn’t begin when you start putting foundation on your skin. It starts with a detailed skin analysis, when the artists finds out what skin type you have and what products you should apply before makeup, so that it sits well and last throughout the day. This includes moisturizers, toners, primers, illuminating bases, anti-redness creams and lip-balms. Make-up artists have products for all needs in their kit, whereas your acquaintance only has a set that might not even be for you.


Product quantity and quality


True professionals use high quality, expensive makeup items from brands that make a difference. If you are getting ready for a wedding or another event that requires your makeup to be on point for a long time, you can’t risk by using budget brands that might look dreadful in two hours’ time. In addition, they have more than just basic products like foundation, blush and eyeshadow and also hold in their kit various types of bronzers, contours, highlighters, liners and false eyelashes.


The quality of the finished work


Last, but not least, a make-up artists knows how much make-up to apply and where. You can even go to one, don’t ask for anything in particular and they will know how to enhance your features. In order to get a certification, artists must go through hours and hours of theoretical and practical training. They have to know what make-up matches each face shape, eye color and physiognomy. They know how to make you look elegant and put together without overdoing it or turning you into a completely different person.


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