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Men’s clothing articles that women can successfully wear

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There comes a time in every woman’s life (daily) when they realize that they don’t have anything to wear. This is an extreme claim, of course, given the fact that at any given hour, they have multiple dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and coats that can be successfully worn. However, we need some credit and sometimes we need something different in our lives. And like any mature woman would do, we open our partner’s closets and start considering the fact that maybe we could pull off an amazing outfit by some of the pieces present there. Below we will teach you what those essentials are that woman can successfully wear, even if they were initially designed to be worn by men.

#1. Men’s Shirts

Your partner most probably already owns a variety of shirts, in different cuts and designs that appeal to you. Well’ in those mornings when you are simply clueless what could you wear, you could simply start going through their shirt collection and pick one up. A Merino shirt in the right combination would work amazingly, wouldn’t it? You could simply half tuck it into a pair of skinny black jeans, run to your pair of red stilettos, style your hair into a messy bun, apply some mascara and a red lipstick, and you’re good to go. In those lazy days, ditch the high heels and go for a pair of simple, white sneakers. A classy yet comfortable black leather backpack will complement surprisingly your whole outfit, wouldn’t it?

#2. Boyfriend’s jeans

 This is a classic, already. For some years now, women developed a habit out of “stealing” their boyfriend’s jeans and wearing those in some of the most surprising combination. With a plain white tee, combined with a pair of high heels or the simplest sneakers out there, your partner’s ripped jeans would work amazingly. The designers at Hardvark Merino Clothing advice is wearing those paired with a pair of high heels and a merino shirt, obviously. Pick your favourite bag, style your hair into a simple way; apply some lipstick and you are more than ready in the outfit department for a comfortable brunch with the legit owner of your jeans.

#3. Men’s bomber jackets

Your partner already loves his amazing bomber jackets, most likely. And most likely, they already own multiple varieties of those. If you feel like your coats no longer satisfy you when it comes to style, go ahead and pick one of his beloved pieces. While those may fit you improperly, at a first glance, baggy clothing pieces are so in right now. On the streets of some of the most fashionable cities around the world, you will notice plenty of women that crossed the norms and invested themselves in some amazing men’s essentials.

These are three amazing men’s clothing articles that can be successfully worn by all women out there. No matter what you think that suits your style, make sure to “borrow” for some hours. Or days. Or years.

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