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Women wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them

Posted in Beauty

Well, let’s face it, wardrobe malfunctions are the worst thing a woman can face, when going to a date or even at work. You might have seen that many celebrities experience wardrobe malfunctions, so you are aware than this can happen also to you. Every woman can suffer from a style slip-up that will make […]

How to choose the right Abaya size and model

Posted in Clothing

  It is very important to look good all the time because you will feel more confident and happy. If you are a Muslim woman, you must be very careful in order to choose the right clothes because you have to feel comfortable and pretty at the same time. For some women, buying a new […]

Cool Ideas for Flower Tattoo Placement

Posted in Tattoo

Many people these days have a tattoo or are considering getting one. Regardless of type and size, tattoo designs have become regular accessories among men and women looking for new ways of self-expression. Standing out as girls’ primary choice of design for their ability to compliment the feminine form and boost one’s sex appeal and […]

Beauty treatments for eyelash growth – How to choose them?

Posted in Beauty

Glamorous magazines taught us there is nothing more stylish than a pair of lull, long eyelashes. And we are talking about natural ones, not fake lashes. Because, no matter how masterfully manufactured, there is still something unnatural about them. Therefore, women are constantly trying new treatments and products for making their lashes grow to perfection. […]

Brazilian Case Highlights Benefits of Natural Skincare

Posted in Beauty

At the Salt Lake City headquarters of CRUDE, decision-makers are always looking at ways to develop new natural formulas for their line of personal care products. CRUDE was established with an underlying philosophy that taking good care of the skin, and the body in general, means getting back to nature. Company officials believe that nature […]

The road to a beautiful skin – get rid of the scars

Posted in Beauty

If scars affect your skin, then you know that they are the main subject of the conversations you have with the people you know, because they are interested in finding out how you got them, and why you had not treated them. You might even feel embarrassed sometimes because people somehow introduce this subject into […]

How to ensure you do not buy fake Converse All Star

Posted in Shoes

Converse All Star shoes have become extremely popular ever since they were first released on the market and many people were more than pleased with them. Not only they are comfortable, but they also come in a wide range of colours and designs, which allows you to combine them with different clothing items and styles. […]

Groove To The Beat Of Your Heart With The Sretsis Series

Posted in Clothing

What better way to combine a love of music, art and fashion together than with the Sretsis online series? Express the rhythm of your inner soul and reveal your sensitive side to the world through these pieces in the collection today. Here’s what you can try: Magic Rhythm Bomber Jacket Individualistic and straight to the […]

Three fun hair accessories for this summer

Posted in Clothing

What girl doesn’t like to look pretty? It is a known fact that any woman, before walking out the door, will check herself out in the mirror and change her outfit several times. Since looks are important, no woman will forget about the lovely hair accessories that bring a bit of fun to your outfit […]

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