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Buy cheap designer clothes

Posted in Clothing

The winter celebrations are so close and many women already have in mind what dress they would want to wear on the New Year’s Eve. They might have seen a gorgeous dress designed by a top designer, that took their breath away, but they cannot afford it because it is very expensive. Many persons do […]

3 ingenious ways to wear a T-shirt

Posted in Clothing

The humble T-shirt is no longer an overpriced entry point to an aspirational brand. According to retailers and distributors there is a big resurgence of interest. Graphic tees are omnipresent and you are most likely to find them in any major store. Due to the fact that they don’t require specialist manufacturing, they have become […]

Makeup artists vs. your friend who does makeup

Posted in MakeUp

You have an important event coming up, you want to look your best and are ready to try out some popular makeup looks that are trending right now. Why bother going to a salon or hiring a makeup artist when you can talk to your friend who’s into makeup and have yours done for free? […]

New born fashion: sweet clothes for baby girls

Posted in Clothing

Children’s fashion truly is an enchanting domain. To see those small dresses, pleasantly decorated with colourful satin or organza ribbons is simply a delight. There are so many designers out there, famous designers that have made a reputation based great taste, style and of course, quality, who have decided to create at least one collection […]

Three amazing and famous ribbon dresses

Posted in Clothing

Fashion is a domain that has the habit of coming back, time after time. It performs a cyclic movement and outfits that have amazed the world must not be forgotten, because they will most likely return. In this spirit, perhaps you would like to know three famous ribbon dresses that have stunned the world and […]

How to wear ribbon jewellery

Posted in Necklaces

Just like clothes, jewellery will always be subject to seasonal change, so if you’re the kind of girl who likes experimenting with necklaces, bracelets and earrings, you definitely have plenty of options to choose from. After several seasons when the androgynous style dominated the fashion arena with masculine clothes and minimal jewellery, it’s time for […]

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Posted in Clothing

In order to have the most amazing Halloween costume, celebrities carefully choose their outfits long before Halloween comes. In case you are curious about what are they wearing, have a look at the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

Introducing sportswear to the world of fashion

Posted in Clothing

Fashion is great, fashion is diverse, fashion is for everyone. These are some of the things you hear from designers. Although few are the people who actually take a real interest in what designers have to say as opposed to what their collections display on the market, it seems that these words have had a […]

Bringing Old Clothes to Life: Useful Tips

Posted in Clothing

Fashion is an ever-changing domain. If there is one aspect that can be said about this domain, then this should definitely be that time is of essence. Today’s trends are already history, because tomorrow brings something completely new and different. The impressive thing about fashion is that it always comes back. It is true that […]

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