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Put Your Home’s Best Face Forward: How to Clean Exterior Walls

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Wonder how to tide up exterior walls before painting? Or question if you actually need to wash the exterior of your house before painting?

Not only is the exterior the first and last thing anyone sees when they come over, but years of grit and dirt can also damage expensive outdoor surfaces when left unchecked. You’d be amazed by how much debris would wash off in six years. So, if you haven’t painted outside walls within six months, it’s recommended to wash walls, fascia, porch ceilings, soffits, removing debris and dust, before painting again.

Washing off cracks and cleaning crevices where siding overlaps each other tend to accumulate a significant amount of debris and dust. That said, cleaning each type of surface correctly is the key to a better-looking home, and in doing so, you’ll ensure you won’t waste good quality paint.

photo of pink wooden door on pink wall

The purpose here is to make the outside walls look as fabulous as the inside, so don’t stop with the driveway and siding. Look at the roof, deck, and patio as well, and make sure the whole building looks fresh.

  • The roof shingle mold, mildew, and old paint, too. When left alone, dirt damages the roof and induces its lifespan, as well. It’s best to invest in a reliable fasaderens product to ensure you do it safely without other corrosive cleaning products.
  • While the patio is something you can easily clean so you won’t need a very pricey cleaning product unless you need to fjerne graffiti .

If your patio is made from concrete, clean it the same way you would the garage floor or driveway. If you have paver rocks covering a great deal of your patio, make sure to purchase a cleaning product designed for paver maintenance.  

Degreasing Concrete 

Suppose your weekend cleaning projects include concrete surfaces, then you should start with them. Cleaning the garage floor and driveway takes a different approach, most likely oil, antifreeze, and grease. You may also notice streaks from tire rubber, mildew, mold build-up, and the occasional rust strain.

To remove grease and oil, you can spread the cat litter over the stain and let it sit for a day. When you have to scrub it off, you can use a grease-cutting laundry or buy a commercial degreaser. You may have to repeat the process as much as possible to remove the stain entirely or perhaps to switch from a power wash to a power washer.

While you’re freshening up the exterior of your home, and prepare it for a fresh coat of paint, take time to improve the curb appeal too. Clean your garden furniture, repaint the trim, replace that beat-up mailbox, use a graffitifjerning, and add some decorative house number to the front.

The combination of upgrade accessories plus a clean and freshly painted exterior will ensure your home stands out to anyone coming to visit.

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