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Shoes for the cold 2013 season

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Even if we are still in the warm season, trends for the cold 2013 season have been revealed. Yes, it is true that they have not been ready for sell, and they will not be until spring 2011.
Anyway you want to take this information; we have been post it for you to try earning some extra money by the time the shoes for the 2013 season are released on the market. As all of us know, we do not have always money to buy the new trends, but if you think about this aspect early in the 2011’s fall, you could earn enough money in order to buy the new collection.

Little by little, designers understood that in order to be appreciated for this job and also to buy their products, shoes have to be first of all comfortable and should confer stability to the woman feet. A high thick sexy heel combined with a high and soft platform are components from boots. The ones that reached this magnificent goal are some designers as Christian Louboutin and Gilet because they have opted for this kind of boots and now they are the most appreciated shoes for the cold 2013 season. So if you’re looking for some cool new shoes, stick close and see what the new season has to offer from the best designers.

Also, graffiti design fits every pair of high heels this season. With or without platform, fringes or other accessories, boots or heels look stunning on every leg because the other eyes focus on them. But these are not the only ones – also, Banshee developed a new collection with targets on hot pink high heels, combining this childish baby girls color with the danger created by the targets themselves.

For a hot and sexy outfit, you can opt for the classic black with which you can never fail. A pair of black thick high heels boots is everything you need to capture your mystery. Also, animal print can be found in the shoes for the cold 2013 season. Leopard is the most venerated, but you can find a lot more at the first London Fashion Week from 2013. These cool new shoes are available in a variety of models, so all women should be able to find something to their liking.

Women who can not wear heels or are always in a rush can choose a pair of Oxford Shoes. They still can be found in trends, reaching a better place every year.

Whatever model you would choose for, you do not have to feel insecure about purchasing any of it. As we have shown you, designers are now a lot more attentive with our feet and also, with our health.

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