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Tattoos as Fashion Accessories

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For a long time, tattoos were associated with eccentricity and rebelliousness. They have been considered eccentric mens fashion accessories for a long time now, and they were rarely associated with women. However, as more and more public figures are seen wearing tattoos, we have unwillingly gotten use to tattoos. As such, we are no longer shocked by them, but we often see them as fashion accessories. Fashion trends are generally launched by designers but it is the celebrities who are the actual trend setters. As numerous celebrities are seen wearing tattoos, it is no wonder that tattoos have stopped being a symbol for society’s outcasts and have turned into fashion accessories. Furthermore, seeing female celebrities with glamorous dresses which reveal various tattoos have driven us to associate tattoos with glamor and elegance.

What tattoos are considered to be fashionable?

Generally, the most fashionable tattoos for women are the small ones, up to a few inches. It is important for the tattoo to be original and to send an inspired message. Unknown Chinese symbols are no longer considered to be cool but rather tacky. If you’re going to mark your body forever, you might as well choose a meaningful symbol or an inspirational message. The tattoo location is also an important aspect to consider.

What are the most stylish tattoo locations?

Small tattoos look best when they are placed on the inner ear or behind the ear, on the inner wrist, on the ankle, on the lower arm, on the top of the spine or on the upper parts of the feet. Long and narrow tattoos can be placed on the side of the rib cage, on the spine, on the back of the shoulder or on the thigh. Most men who decide to get tattoos usually get them on the arm, on the back or on the calves. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that tattoos don’t go well with elegant mens fashion accessories and clothing, so if you work in an office, you might want to get a tattoo in a less visible place.

Health risks associated with tattoos

Getting a tattoo is an important decision and it should never be taken based on an impulse or without being aware of the health risks associated with the tattoo procedure. In order to avoid infections and blood diseases, you must always choose renown tattoo salons, even if they are expensive. After all, you should never make money compromises when it comes to your body. The list of possible health complications associated with tattoos also includes allergies and MRI complications. The allergies appear within a few days of the tattoo procedure but in some isolated cases, they can even appear after a few years. Regardless of the time when they appear, tattoo allergies usually require the removal of the tattoo. The removal procedure often leaves permanent scars. Therefore, if this is your first time getting a tattoo, it is best to choose a less visible tattoo location.

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