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The dos and don’ts of dressing when you’re a promotional model

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Dressing in the right way has become extremely important nowadays as more and more persons are turning their attention to the latest style and fashion tips and important tendencies of the moment when choosing their wardrobe. However, in certain fields of activity the outfit or dress code is imposed by the nature of the work and specific requirements of the employers. In these cases, all that an individual can do is follow with great strictness the guidelines given and dress accordingly. But how can the personal taste and preference in terms of fashion be combined with the mandatory uniforms or costumes required by employers in certain fields of activity? And what about the promotional sector and advertising models which are demanded to represent a certain brand name or image through their outfits? For those of you who did not know this, there are many particular details regarding the way that promotional models look and choose their clothes, that is if they are allowed to pick their own garments. Generally, this is the task of the promotional staffing agency, but there are certain dos and dont’s of dressing and every promo model needs to know them! Both the girls and boys working in this field become aware of these regulations when receiving the job or auditioning for it, so keep paying attention to our article and you will discover each of these specific rules.

One of the most important style and fashion tips to follow is to keep an elegant and exceptional look all the time. In general, companies and agencies will give you the clothing which represents their campaign, but the t-shits, dresses or jackets they give to you do not compose all of the items a person needs for a complete outfit. You will also need to bring your own shoes, so be careful to ask what color of footwear you are expected to wear. Always go for high heels and extremely comfortable platforms, if you have such shoes. Always keep the number of accessories to the minimum and wear

The don’ts of dressing for promotional models include wearing brands and branded items from other companies, regardless of what field or industry these companies operate in. For instance, if you are promoting a technology firm but wear sneakers from a famous shoe brand, you might think there is no link between the two. However, this sort of behavior is very unprofessional and can cost you your job at the promotions agency. Never wear designer shoes, watches or any form of jewellery which have brand names imprinted on them. Also, do not wear a bag or purse from a particular brand during the promotional event. Advertising models are not allowed to have bags and if they need to carry certain items around, they will be given appropriate products. Do not wear too much make up, unless instructed so. And also, do not have overly embellished nails or a multitude of bracelets and other eye-catching fashion items showing. Needless to say, avoid wearing opulent makeups. Instead, choose natural makeups. For example, instead of tacky lash extensions, you can read the best lash growth serum reviews and find a product which will make your lashes naturally think and beautiful.

The bottom line is that there are many styles and influences used in the fashion industry nowadays, but they are not allowed into the world of promotional models so always consult with the professional agencies before dressing for an event! The idea is that the passers by need to focus on the brand you represent, not on elements of your clothing or accessories you have. Moreover, we know that a lot of these pieces of advise may seem extreme, but believe us, if you want a career in this field, you will need to be disciplined, even if this means giving up your lash extensions and checking out the best lash growth serum reviews instead or giving up on your favorite shoe brand for a while. In the long run, it is important to look naturally beautiful and to send a clear message regarding the brand that you are promoting.


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