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The road to a beautiful skin – get rid of the scars

Written by admin. Posted in Beauty

If scars affect your skin, then you know that they are the main subject of the conversations you have with the people you know, because they are interested in finding out how you got them, and why you had not treated them. You might even feel embarrassed sometimes because people somehow introduce this subject into the conversation. What people do not now is that scars can be life-changing, and they can lead to traumas if you have to deal with this issue daily. But in present times you have access to many scar treatments Toronto, which can prove very effective in the fight with scars, whatever their cause might be. The majority of people prefer to opt for scar treatments which allow them to avoid surgical procedures, so if you want to avoid having a surgery in order to improve your look, you should consider some the below tips.

Use coconut oil and Shea butter

These two are great to be used in case you experienced a burn, laceration or cut, because they would keep the area covered and moist until it heals. It is advisable to use raw coconut oil or Shea butter to keep the wound moist. In this way, you prevent a scar to become itchy, large and deep. They could also help your skin minimise the scarring, so you should try to apply it two or even three times a day.

Silicone gel sheeting can be very helpful

Another effective option you have when you want to get rid of scars is to use silicone gel sheeting. They are clear, sticky pads, which can be placed over the wound and they would speed the healing process and help you minimise the scar. Also, it is amazing in making the scars less painful and red. You should discuss with a specialist if you want to use this treatment to get rid of scars, because according to your scars you would have to use it at certain intervals of time and to respect specific instructions.

Use a scar reduction therapy

In case none of the traditional treatments does not work for you, you should try a modern therapy, which implies visiting a professional beauty clinic. The therapy is done with the help of a professional device, which is very effective in repairing different types of scars as burn scars, acne scars, stretch marks, chicken pox scars, sagging skin, hyper-pigmentation, hair loss. Isolated scarring and even C section scarring. This type of therapy implies using a Dermaroller, which features a fine needle system, that goes deep into your skin. They get into your skin and help at the release of the scar tissue which causes the visible scars. This process would stimulate your skin produce new skin cells, because it boasts the blood circulation and supply. The result of this therapy is that your skin is able to produce collagen, and your skin would benefit from an improved look. In 2 to 6 weeks, you would be able to see the results.

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