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These Are The Most Exclusive Luxury Brands In The World

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Fashion is one concept that people can perceive in various ways, but one thing is for sure: luxury and exclusivism will never fade away. In a world that’s mostly governed by the existence of money, buying the most expensive, privileged products is a method of emphasizing your social status. The items people wear, the products they surround themselves with are ways of expressing their personalities and preferences. Being individual and unique is a need that everyone feels like they need to achieve at a certain point in their lives. This is the main purpose of expensive brands: to make people feel valuable and comfortable in their own skin. Here’s a list of the most exclusive luxury brands you’ll ever encounter:


The list starts with Chanel, one of the most expensive brands in the whole world. Some consider Chanel the exact definition of exclusivism and elegance, and not many people can afford the products they are selling. Chanel is an empire that is worth billions of dollars today, and they boosted their image through breaking barriers, by defying all fashion limits. Whoever buys something from Chanel can consider himself lucky.


The same goes with Piaget, a colossal brand that impresses with elegance. Their fine attention to details can be exemplified by pointing out their topmost quality products. Each watch bracelet is assembled manually, using small pieces of precious gold. The watches you can find at Piaget are truly mesmerizing, from aspect to materials used. High-fashion jewelry as the one you can find at Piaget is not comparable to any other brand. Its unicity is the one which attracts customers constantly.  

Florian Helier

The Florian Helier brand raised all expectations of luxurious brands lovers. Besides the fact that all of the brand’s products are limited edition and breathtakingly expensive, their beauty is expressed through simplicity and elegance. Florian Helier creates luxury products that can be used daily, which is one thing that many other exclusive brands cannot offer. All Helier products are delivered along with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is a representation of how precious the items are.


Gucci is surely a symbol any fashion lover would recognize on the streets. Gucci sells luxury and power. This brand is the actual trendsetter of the fashion industry. Billions of fakes are plagiarizing Gucci given the success the brand has among people. Most superstars desire to associate their names with The House of Gucci. This brand redefined old and modern luxury fashion and getting sponsored by Gucci means living the fashion dream that anyone would die to achieve.


Prada is one of the main focal points of the entire fashion world. Italian fashion is somehow related to fashion since the beginning of time, but Mario and Martino Prada gave a new meaning to it. Prada is known for their exclusivist leather products and the brand was officially named a royal fashion supplier in the past. Prada expanded more and more until it became the audience-favorite in terms of haute couture.

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