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Three amazing and famous ribbon dresses

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Fashion is a domain that has the habit of coming back, time after time. It performs a cyclic movement and outfits that have amazed the world must not be forgotten, because they will most likely return. In this spirit, perhaps you would like to know three famous ribbon dresses that have stunned the world and impressed critics. These small accessories have always been used in fashion, especially in the Victorian age. However, the following designs decorated with beautiful ribbons are rather modern, so it won’t be very difficult to bring them alive. Take a good look at these dresses and decide, if you can, which one fits to your fashion vision best.

My Fair Lady: Audrey Hepburn


You might not enjoy musicals very much, but certainly you have to agree that there are a few classics that everyone should take the time to watch. One of the movies that has made history and not only because of the soundtrack is the famous ‘My Fair Lady’. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn appears in front of the audience in a stunning ribbon dress, all prepared to get to the horse race. The outfit she is wearing is absolutely enchanting, a classic that will not lose its popularity, not ever. The black and white combination is eternal and the incredibly large hat is simply to die for. As for the bows, this is pretty difficult to miss. However, the big bow placed on the shoulder seems to be the favourite of the public, as well as the critics who have simply loved this outfit.


The voluptuous Marilyn Monroe

What is the first image that comes to mind when hearing the name Marilyn Monroe? Most likely, it is the image of this voluptuous actress sitting above a venting hole and her dress in lifted by the current. If you know the movie, then you know the white dress, which is now extremely popular among women, looking to get that Marilyn Monroe look. Made of satin, having a simple elegant line, the beauty of the dress is emphasized by a little detail, a small bow tied to the middle. Take a good look at the design when you have the chance and you will notice that this is in fact the case. Certainly this qualifies as a famous ribbon design.


The Vera Wang wedding dress

Bows are amazing accessories that can easily turn the simplest of dresses into amazing, one of kind outfits. This is certainly something that can easily be accomplished in the case of wedding dresses. Since brides love details, it is safe to say that brides love Vera Wang. This designer managed to create a statement dress by adding a black simple ribbon to the classic white gown. It might be simple, but it also highly effective and of course acclaimed.


Looking at the facts mentioned above it would seem that the fashion history has been marked by some statement outfit that are now extremely popular and appreciated by women in all parts of the world. Remember these designs, as you never know when you need a bit of inspiration.

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