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Three office outfit ideas worth trying

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Fashion is a great domain, always surprising clients through its design choices or colours. Skilful and talented designers are coming up with outfits that seem taken out of movies. Passionate women follow trends no matter how complicated or strange these might seem, whereas other try to consider tips and put them in practice in their own personal way. When you are working from home or studying and are not obligated to go to the office each and every day, courageous fashion ideas can be put in practice. However, when you are forced to respect a code, following trends becomes a challenge. Of course, going to work and following trends do not necessarily exclude one another. They can go hand in hand very good, if you know how to reinterpret your clothes. Of course you might be needing a few office dedicated outfits, for which reason you should consider investing on some of the items you find online on specialised boutiques like Bella Fashion Queen. Still, to help you with the challenge, here are a few tips regarding office fashion. These three outfit suggestions might be helpful, if you should ever run out of inspiration, not knowing what to wear for work.

The classic two-piece suit


Women look absolutely amazing in outfits that are a bit masculine. Being a bit rough on the edges adds style and elegance to any woman, making her seem more mysterious. The classic two-piece suit, jacket and pants is a simple, safe choice for any day at the office, especially for those in which big meetings are announced. If you want to bring a bit of fashion, try not to choose the black one. Go for a baby blue or intense pink suit. Combining colour with masculine design will help you reach fashion perfection.


Ethereal at work


Women draw attention because of their beauty and their fragility. Being feminine and ethereal will bring you greater appreciation than you might have expected. If you agree with this theory, but cannot picture it within the walls of your company, here is an outfit suggestion. Now that summer is arriving, why not go for a silk dress? If you choose one that has a rich colour scheme and bouncy flounces, you will accomplish that ethereal look.


Funny Friday

It is nice to have one day a week when you can dress a bit more relaxed. If the company you are working at does not have a fixed fashion code, then save your Friday for experiments. Save one day a week when you can come dressed in your personal style. Of course you might not want to go overboard. For instance, everyone owns a pair of ripped jeans, but when thinking of taking those to work, choose the less ripped pants in your wardrobe. If you don’t have such a pair, then avoid them all together. You could go in a funny T-shirt, combine sneakers with sporty dresses and skirts, open, relaxed shirts, basically anything you would wear in a normal day outside work. If your colleagues do it too, the atmosphere in the office will change completely.


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