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Use ribbon to create a unique look for your bridesmaids

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When you are a bride you are planning ahead all the aspects for your wedding, because you want to be sure that this event is exactly as you imagined. So, you should know that alongside with you and your groom, your bridesmaids should look amazing too, because they will appear in the majority of your pictures, and they will be next to you in so many moments. You have to decide early what colours their dresses will be and what accessories they would wear, because you have to have time to purchase all the things you need. In this situation you should take into consideration looking online for wholesale ribbon suppliers UK, because by using this simple item, you will be able to create the most amazing dresses and flower bouquets for your brides, and even for you.

Accessorise their dresses

You should know that every bride should choose minimum two colours for her wedding theme, because in this way she will be able to create a beautiful balance, when creating the centrepieces, the wedding arch and the flower arrangements. So, you should follow the same scheme for the dresses of your bridesmaids. They should be designed in a unique colour, like purple, or cream, and be accessorised with ribbons in the complementary colour. They can be placed on the dresses waists, or to create big bows on the back.

Wrap the flower bouquets

Every bride should have a flower bouquet, but if you want something special for your wedding, you can wrap ribbon on the stems of the flowers, and let it flow down, to achieve a beautiful effect. Also, you can use ribbon for creating the whole bouquets for your brides, in case you want to offer them a long-lasting gift. You can create beautiful roses from ribbon, which will keep their shape many years from now. In case you do not want to use bouquets, you can tie a little flower on the bridesmaids’ hand wrists with a piece of ribbon.

Braid it in their hair

If you are planning to have your wedding on the beach or in a garden, then you should ask your braids to wear ribbon in their hair. They can insert it through their braids, or use it to create little bows which would be placed in their hair. In case they want to pull their hair up, they can use it as a band on their forehead, and accessorise it with little pearls.

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