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Weight Obsession Among Teen Girls – What Action You Must Take as a Parent

Written by Bernadette Malcolm. Posted in Beauty

Lately, the problem of weight for teenage girls has been raising great concerns among parents. It is important as a parent to keep a close relationship with your children and constantly talk to them no matter the situation. It seems like they have created a “pattern” in their mind and this idea of permanently worrying about gaining extra pounds leads to losing self-confidence and underestimation.
You need to be aware of these facts especially if your daughter is turning into a teenager and starts concerning more about her looks.

Negative effects of weight obsession

It might sound exaggerated, but this is a really dangerous fact and has become worse than ever. Unfortunately, because of this weight obsession, recently there have been registered a lot of suicide cases or anorexia. Depression, anxiety and obsessive care about eating or drinking are the most common problems, especially among teenage girls. It is sad seeing that your children are labeled by the way they look and not appreciated for their mental abilities.

Build a confident relationship with your daughter

In most of the cases, adults seem to be in a constant rush and everything seems to be more stressful and overwhelming than ever. Because of this care of bringing a lot of money and trying to create a better lifestyle for the beloved ones, people forget the most important thing that matters to them. Try to find a moment every day for talking with your daughter as you were her best friend, closely listen to her opinions and concerns and give her your best advice.

Create positive habits at home

In childhood, most of the kids spend their time at home. And we know that they tend to do things in the same manner as their parents do. If you use to have bad customs, bad language and eat disorganized, your child will have them too. Of course, bad habits have bad effects on all teenagers, but it seems that for teenage girls, things can be even worse. Girls are the most affected by their weight and the way they look and tend to develop bad behaviors when they don’t receive enough attention from parents.

Eating and drinking in a healthy way

This will definitely have a lot of positive effects in your life and in your child’s too. A healthy lifestyle is important for physical and also mind development and has a lot of beneficial effects. Try to avoid buying junk food, do not encourage fast food and soda, buy a lot of fruits and vegetables and make sure they don’t miss from any of your meals.
Breakfast is the most important meal of all day, and your kid needs to understand this fact. In general, teenagers skip breakfast because they prefer to sleep more. Before leaving to school, hand them a smoothie or something more consistent to eat in their way to school.

Exercise together

It is recommended for a teenager to exercise at least 60 minutes per day in order to achieve strong immunity and bones. If your daughter is not a very active person, you can start with shorter exercising periods and encourage her to move more and more. Explain to her that work out will help her look and feel great, her body will be constantly toned and she will not have to face weight problems. She will learn to build a strong self-confidence and stay motivated.
Constantly weighing her body is not a sane thing to do because she could be discouraged about not seeing differences in the number of pounds. To help her get a better understanding of her body, you should get her a body fat analyzer that shows her body composition and not only the number of pounds. It will show her that her body is made of different types of fat, as well as water and muscle mass and she will be able to keep tabs on the changes in her body weight. She might not be losing pounds but she could start gaining more muscle mass, which is a reassuring feeling that will not disappoint her in her weight loss program.

Get the whole family involved

This can be a great exercise for the other members of your family too. Try talking more at home, on different subjects, share your ideas and try doing different activities together. Go camping or hiking, go on bike rides and spend time together. It is a good start for her in learning to open herself in front of you, share her feelings and concerns. Sport must be present in her life along with healthy food, in this way she will create her own healthy lifestyle and extra pounds will not be a problem for her.

Make her understand the right sense of “perfection”

Perfection is an abstract idea and can have a lot of forms and meanings. It is not like some girls are perfect and others aren’t. A perfect image means looking and feeling good and building a strong sense of self-confidence. Every girl is beautiful in a different way, physical beauty is not expressed through a pattern. You can’t command your body look in a specific way, it’s more about genetics. Explain to her that there is no such thing as “perfect body”, but she can be careful with her weight and look by building her own healthy lifestyle.

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