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Where to wear a fancy dress

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There is no doubt that we all have at least one fancy dress that has not seen the light of day in weeks or even years. Also, we have probably worn that certain fancy dress just once, but since we cannot accept the idea of decluttering our closets, then we need to find ways and occasions to wear it. Unfortunately, you cannot wear your fancy, formal dress on a daily basis, but you can still find a few special occasions where you can re-wear it. Be it a college dance, a wedding, a baby shower party or a girls’ night out, you will surely find occasions where your fancy dress can come in handy.

A wedding or a baby shower party are some of the best occasions to wear your beloved dress

If you have to attend a wedding, then take a look at your closet and choose the fanciest dress you can find. Do you have more than one fancy dress? Well, the more, the better, but keep in mind that your dress does not have to look too bridal, as you will get all the bride’s attention. And believe me! You for sure do not want that to happen. Moreover, instead of going for a white, cream or pale pink fancy dress, choose a bright coloured dress. Also, you can wear a fancy dress to a baby shower party too. Just make sure that you are not too elegant for the event.

Wear your fancy dress for a college dance

If your college dance is approaching, then you can easily wear one of your fancy dresses lying around in your closet untouched. Of course, most girls dream of buying a new and very expensive dress, but keep in mind that it is just a single night, so you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to have lots of fun.

Have fun with your friends by taking frequent girls’ nights out

Girls’ nights out are sometimes mandatory, so get all dressed up, go out to dinner, and then head over to a concert, a dance club or even a comedy club. Remember that you do not need a new dress for every night out with your girls.

A fancy dress is the perfect choice for a semi-formal or a charity event

If you do not have a lot of formal events coming up, you can still wear your fancy dresses at parties that require a cute dress. And since we talk about parties, you should know that you can easily make your fancy dress look more appropriate for a friends-themed party just by adding a belt and changing your hairstyle to something more casual. Also, if you are interested in charity and you want to participate in a fundraising event, then you for sure need to wear a fancy dress. So why not wear a dress that is already laying around in your closet? Moreover, to be sure that you make a good impression, try to look as best as you can.

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