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Women wardrobe malfunctions and how to avoid them

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Well, let’s face it, wardrobe malfunctions are the worst thing a woman can face, when going to a date or even at work. You might have seen that many celebrities experience wardrobe malfunctions, so you are aware than this can happen also to you. Every woman can suffer from a style slip-up that will make her feel embarrassed of having a fashion failure in public. If you have a day when your pants make you have a camel toe, you will not want to show your face again at the office, or to get out of the house for a week at least. But if you are a fan of thigh pants, then you should talk with a surgeon to have a revision labiaplasty, because in this way you get rid of the camel toe forever. You should be thankful that there are no cameras around you, and if you want to avoid an embarrassing situation in front of your friends and coworkers, then here is a piece of advice.

Avoid having a nip slip

This is one of the most embarrassing moments, a woman can experience in her life, and you should do your best to avoid it. Average women can suffer from this malfunction when attending a special event and wearing a sideboob-baring, backless or strapless gown. Also, you can experience it when you wear a low-cut top without a bra, so you should start considering the option of investing in different models of bras to suit your tops. You do not have to get rid of all the gowns and low-cut tops from your wardrobe, because you can use double-sided tape to hold the clothes in place. Also, you can cover your breast with special petals.

Hello camel toe

Wearing pants can be difficult for a woman who has voluminous labia minora. If you find yourself in this situation, then you have two options to avoid this malfunction. You either change your wardrobe in such a way to cover your bottom and hide the camel toe, or see a specialist from Centre for Surgery to do you a cosmetic surgery. This procedure will help you get rid of the camel toe and forget about buying clothes that cover your body. Make sure you talk with a specialist, because you have to be sure that, they know what they are doing, and you will benefit from the best treatment.

Busted bra inserts are simply horrible

Are you using cleavage-boosting, liquid inserts to achieve the effect of a push-up bra? Then you should make sure that they will not get your breast covered in weird oily that does not go and ruins your day. If you do not want to give up wearing them, then you should remove the inserts from your bra and toss them. Other option of achieving a cleavage boost is to use solid silicone inserts, which can be a good replacement. Avoid these wardrobe malfunctions and be confident when walking down the street.


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