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Running a Salon Business? Here’s What to Consider First

Posted in Beauty

If you are passionate about beauty and personal care, then a beauty salon is the right business for you. Beauty services are on the rise of the world, with people worldwide starting to pay more and more attention to their looks – whether the use the latest trends to inspire, or they follow social media […]

How substance abuse affects your beauty

Posted in Beauty

Drug and alcohol abuse have a dramatic effect on your beauty. Your skin and appearance are highly affected by drug and alcohol consumption. The majority of women do not pay attention to how the health of their skin is affected by substances. They consider that these substances have effects only on their body. If you […]

These Are The Most Exclusive Luxury Brands In The World

Posted in Beauty

  Fashion is one concept that people can perceive in various ways, but one thing is for sure: luxury and exclusivism will never fade away. In a world that’s mostly governed by the existence of money, buying the most expensive, privileged products is a method of emphasizing your social status. The items people wear, the […]

Where to wear a fancy dress

Posted in Beauty

  There is no doubt that we all have at least one fancy dress that has not seen the light of day in weeks or even years. Also, we have probably worn that certain fancy dress just once, but since we cannot accept the idea of decluttering our closets, then we need to find ways […]

Weight Obsession Among Teen Girls – What Action You Must Take as a Parent

Posted in Beauty

For women, the pursuit of physical perfection starts in adolescence and continues through their entire life. This is why it is very important for you as their parents, to teach them to make smart decisions in order to obtain the expected results. It is a really big success if your teenage girl understands that physical characteristics do not totally define them as persons. But they have to be careful with their weight for health reasons.

The Infrared Sauna Skin Therapy – Natural Anti-Aging

Posted in Beauty

One of the many health claims linked to the infrared sauna is the fact that it has anti-aging capabilities. But is this important claim actually backed up and proven by science? Read this article to find out whether the infrared sauna skin therapy can actually help you look younger and better than ever, all without requiring you to go through other treatments or endangering you.

When Sunglasses and Popular Music Collide

Posted in Beauty

How popular are sunglasses to American culture? Popular enough that they often show up in the lyrics of some of our favorite songs. In fact, there have been entire songs written around the idea of wearing them. In the more than 80 years since the first pair of aviator sunglasses made it to the retail […]

Salon Beauty Routines that All Women Should Try

Posted in Beauty

There is nothing more relaxing and more pleasurable for a woman, than a day spend at the beauty salon. It is true that this experience can be quite expensive, and many of them can be done at home. Still there are some beauty routines that are worth every cent and that should only be performed at the salon.

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