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Being in control: Hire a personal assistant carer

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Life can turn out to be difficult when you reach a certain age, which is the result of illness or disability. Even small tasks appear daunting. Confusion, low energy, little enthusiasm, helplessness, and anxiety are just some of the many words that can be used to describe the golden years. At one point, it’s important to admit that you need help. If you’re in a gray area between competency and incompetence, it’s serious. Make a truthful assessment and ask for help. A personal assistant carer can help out with everyday tasks; they’re honest, respectful, and patient.

What is a personal assistant carer?  

A personal assistant carer is a person that helps individuals with their social and physical activities. They support people in their homes, at work, or go out into the community. Local authorities are responsible for providing and arranging services that promote independence for disabled people. This model has been copied by many and has its origin in Norway. User-controlled personal assistance is given to people with considerable needs, who are able to enjoy freedom and live normal lives. BPA (brukerstyrt personlig assistance) is a way of organizing practical assistance for individuals with special needs. In Baerum, in the greater Oslo region of Norway, countless people choose to become a BPA Bærum. This occupational category is similar to that of home-helpers. The only difference is that personal assistant carers work for only one individual, the user gets to take part in the recruitment process, and services are provided in and outside the home.

Who is entitled to a personal assistant carer?  

If you’re looking forward to living independently at home, you may be able to employ a personal assistant carer. Taking on the role of the employer might not be what you hoped, but it’s necessary. Employing a professional is just like employing a BPA Oslo. More exactly, it’s not that hard. To be entitled to assistance, it’s necessary to be under 67 years and require assistance for more than 32 hours per week. It’s up to the municipality to determine if having a personal assistant carer is really necessary. The process needs to be handled appropriately. You can find the necessary information on your municipality’s website. If you need further guidance, it’s a good idea to get in touch personally. If your request is denied, you can appeal the decision.  

What are the benefits of hiring a personal assistant carer?

Hiring a personal assistant carer is the best option because it makes it possible to lead an independent life. Support addresses your needs. Not only do you have a say when it comes to the person entering your home, but also decide what tasks should be supported. A personal assistant carer is someone with sound judgment, who acts maturely in all situations. They don’t take advantage of your situation, but rather help you in your time of need. Finally yet importantly, a personal assistant carer can adapt to any situation. You won’t be treated as a number, but as a person.

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