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How substance abuse affects your beauty

Written by admin. Posted in Beauty

Drug and alcohol abuse have a dramatic effect on your beauty. Your skin and appearance are highly affected by drug and alcohol consumption. The majority of women do not pay attention to how the health of their skin is affected by substances. They consider that these substances have effects only on their body. If you consider that substance abuse will have no effect on the way you look, you should know that different people respond differently to drugs and alcohol. Experts state that it does not matter what type of substance you use, you will soon notice that it will affect your appearance in a way you will not be able to hide it with makeup. If you continue to read this article, you will be surprised to find out how substances abuse will affect your physical appearance. One example of a person whose look was damaged by substances is Lindsey Lohan. She abused on using drugs and alcohol, and even after she came out of rehab, her look did not improve.

How do drugs affect your appearance?

Drugs make you skin show signs of premature aging. When leaving the ibogaine rehabs the majority of addicts notice that their skin suffered tremendously from their addiction, and they no longer feel confident in their look. Few of them have the needed skills to hide their appearance with the help of makeup, and at the end of the day, they remove the foundation and lash extensions and when they take a look in the mirror they see a face that features dry skin with open sores. If you will experience open sores then you are prone to skin infections that will damage the aspect of your skin to a level that can be fixed only by plastic surgery.

How does alcohol affect your appearance?

The majority of people abuse on alcohol. If you have ever had a hangover then you can remember the effects it had on you. Imagine that there are people who are experiencing these symptoms daily. Some of them have a chance to recover because they get into holistic drug rehabs where they receive the needed help. One of the main effects alcohol has on your skin is dehydration. When your body does not receive the needed fluids your skin does not work properly and you have an older look. In time, alcohol abuse leads to deep wrinkles.

How does prescription pain medicine affect your look?

The majority of pain medicine includes opioids. If you abuse pain medicine then you will notice that your skin tends to become dry. The persons who are addicted to pain medicine do not have the energy to focus on their beauty rituals, and they neglect themselves. The persons who consume pain medicines sweat a lot and their sweat smells worse than the one of other people. Another effect is that you will have bloodshot eyes and even bags under the eyes. These are the effects of the fact that you sleep more. It is important to take your pain medication according to your doctor’s instructions. Make sure you do not grow an addiction.


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