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Updating your summer wardrobe: take inspiration from Zimbabwean fashion

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Each season awakes different feelings, creates different colors and compels you to change your wardrobe. Even though winter is the coldest time of the year, it does not mean that you should let your fashion sense go to waste and stop creating striking outfits. In fact, you should take advantage of this opportunity to become a layering pro, to wear over-the-knee boots and embrace fur. Even if you hate rain, you cannot hate the chance of testing out long denim jackets. Pair them with black boots and you instantly look like you just stepped out of a magazine. During spring, you cannot help but experience positive feelings caused by the blue sky and green grass. Moreover, it represents the perfect time to match quickly in the morning a pair of jeans, a lightweight sweater and a black biker jacket or you can go with a lazy-morning-friendly dress. Summer practically means an explosion of colors and a multitude of choices in terms of fashion.

Seek inspiration from Zimbabwean fashion designers

Undoubtedly, summer also inspires you to update your wardrobe by adding some eye-catching and original pieces that will make all people turn their heads on the street. If you developed a habit of changing your outfits every year during summertime, then you probably ran out of ideas. However, you should not worry because inspiration is all around. For instance, you can read the latest fashion magazines, watch runway models or even explore the work of designers from foreign countries. In fact, Zimbabwe represents the perfect source of inspiration in terms of summer fashion because everyone there wears loose and colorful outfits. You should not limit yourself to Zimbabwe fashion designers because you have the possibility to explore other African clothing styles as well. If you look closely at the Egyptian style, you will not only find a solid source of inspiration for clothing, but also for make-up and hairstyle. Gold pieces of jewelry also represent fundamental pieces for an Egyptian outfit.

Explore the Zimbabwean fashion style

However, since you do not want to get lost in all the options available, Zimbabwean fashion represents a good start. Along the way or the following years, you can play with other styles, but for now learning more about Zimbabwe clothing is essential. A thing is certain: you can say goodbye to boring floral dresses or shorts once you initiate this process. Direct your attention towards traditional woman clothing, which relies on large sized ornaments and beautiful beads. All women from that region wear their outfits with pride so you should follow their example. Even though you might not feel very comfortable at the beginning because you need time to get used to the style, it does not mean that you cannot flaunt your confidence and beauty. In terms of accessories, you should purchase copper and brass jewelry or at least include gold elements in every outfit. If you have a warm skin tone, then these colors are extremely flattering. Other colors that you can use include yellow, red and blue. When you feel audacious, you can even add a beaded headband.

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